Instruction to Parents & Students

  • Parents must watch and guide their children's studies at home. Children need constant attention and encouragement to enable them to improve their performance.
  • Please send your child to school everyday. Please don't allow a child to be absent except for health reasons or such exceptionally valid reasons.
  • Letters send to parents must be properly responded. Parents when summoned to School must understand that there is something very important to be discussed with them.
  • Parents are requested not to allow children to bring CDs, cameras, mobile phones, video games or similar gadgets to the school. It may be noted that any violation of this rule will be viewed very seriously.
  • Students are not permitted to bring money to the School, unless there is a clear instruction from the school to bring money for a particular purpose.
  • Girls are permitted to wear black hair clips only. Colourful hair-clips, hair bands, etc. are not permitted. Decorative items like ornaments, bangles, expensive watches etc. are discouraged.
  • Boys shall have a decent haircut. Wearing long hair, and crew-cut etc. are absolutely discouraged.
  • Parents are requested to write the child's name and class on his his/her belonging such as water bottles, tiffin-box etc.
  • Parents have a responsibility to encourage modest, decent and tasteful dressing habits, conforming to acceptable social mores, amongst children from very early stages of their development.